Hot depilatory wax

DEPILIA hot wax, is the most traditional and effective system for a durable and highly professional depilation. Thanks to its composition with valuable natural resins, it is a product with strong dermo protective and emollient properties. DEPILIA hot wax guarantees optimal results and facilites of using. It is available in the variants Honey, Azulene, Chlorophyll, T itanium dioxide and Chocolate.

Instructions for use

After heated the product, check the temperature to avoid burns. When the wax reaches the right consistency, spread with a spatula a sufficient layer of product in the direction of the hair growth. Starting from the bottom, raise a small piece of wax and continue with a determined pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Remove any remaining wax residue with DEPILIA Lipo Remover.


fl . oz. 3,38 packaging 24 pcs
fl . oz. 13,53 packaging 24 pcs
fl . oz. 16,91 packaging 12 pcs
fl . oz. 33,81 packaging 6 pcs