Liposoluble depilatory wax

DEPILAB liposoluble wax, available in different variants, is a product with great efficiency and suitable for various skin types. A product with emollient and hydrating properties with natural composition rich in high quality active ingredients. Designed to remove unwanted hair, it acts in depth respecting the delicate
skin hydrolipidic balance.

Instructions for use

After heated the DEPILAB liposoluble wax with the appropriated wax heater, spread a thin layer of product on the area to depilate in the direction of the hair growth using a spatula. Apply a non-woven strip on the layer of wax adhering with light pressure, helping with the palm of your hand, pull the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Remove any wax residue with DEPILAB Lipo Remover.


100 ml package 24 pcs
400 ml package 24 pcs
800 ml package 12 pcs