Depilatory strips with wax

DEPILIA depilatory strips for face, bikini and body represent the most practical, fast and effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. Thanks to its improved formula, removes hair at the root, leaving skin soft and smooth for a long time. Used regularly, make hair weak and sparse.

Instructions for use

Heat a strip for a few seconds rubbing between the hands. Then, separate the two parts and apply the strip on the area to treat, following the direction of hair growth. Adhere well by hand. Stretching the skin, grasp the lower end of the strip and rip with a sharp and decided pull, against the grain. If necessary repeat the operation. Remove any wax residue with DEPILIA Lipo Remover. Warning: always make sure that the area to depilate is clean. Do not use on irritated or chapped skin.


FACE 15 mm packaging 24 pcs
BIKINI 30 mm packaging 24 pcs
BODY 60 mm packaging 24 pcs